About Global Health Metrics and our Health Risk Assessment

Global Health Metrics is a team of medical doctors, biostatisticians, and developers that have come together to create the most scientifically rigorous health risk assessment on the market.

Continuing work undertaken by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the 1970’s and the Carter Center of Emory University in 1986 our mission is to make available to patients, health providers, health organizations, state and local governments, service groups, business and industry the best in the science and technology of health risk assessments.

Our software introduces the concept of the “risk age” and “target age”, giving your patients a goal of what they can do to improve their health and how they can get there using statistics of mortality risks for people in their age group with their health choices.

We offer our software as a cloud service to our clients, which allows us to automatically update our algorithms with the latest data from the CDC and other organizations, and to let you not have to deal with the hassle of running the software on your own.

Our software comes in two packages. The first is a fully self-contained portal, which allows your patients to create accounts to view past reports, monitor their progress, and update past assessments the risk engine with new choices. The software also allows you to connect with providers in your network to share your patient’s progress through their account or through automatically sent emails.

Our second package is an API to connect to our questionnaire and risk calculator that you can easily integrate into your already existing website or software with a simple http request. The API can then incorporate itself into a webpage in a single element with only a bootstrap dependency.

To learn more about our software and how you can use it for your organization, contact us at web-contact@globalhealthmetrics.com.